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There are various invoice factoring companies that will buy receivables from you for a discount off their face value. You get paid less than you would have if you waited for your customer to pay, but you get the money now, not a month or two from now. Before you go this route, be sure you have a big enough profit margins to make factoring a viable choice and that you’re aware of all the costs and any other ramifications of factoring your invoices.

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Wow, things have changed since the 80s and 90s. This would have gotten you in a fist fight in my high school. Which would have made your group of stupid friends retaliate in your defense. On a slightly more serious note it was a little awkward to watch Matt set himself up with the incense issue. Clearly a wizard needing 10 of incense to cast their Find Familiar spell is a bit silly. Fjord theoretically paid good GP for that adventurer pack, there was no reason he couldn knock off, say, 3gp from the price again.

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Perry Miller began declension perspective. Declension model has three key assumptions: myth of origins, notion of exemplary life, and myth of community. One particular (and radical) moment in the evolution of Puritanism has been selected as representative.

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Both sections of “Clybourne Park” (each acted by the same seven member ensemble) begin in states of suppressed tension. In the first act Bev and Russ (Christina Kirk and Frank Wood, superb as people warped in different ways by loneliness) are just days away from leaving the place they have lived for many years. (Their living room has been designed with anthropological detail by Daniel Ostling, and Ilona Somogyi created the period exact costumes.) They’ve known tragedy in that home, and it’s time to get away..

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I also know that I don have to love everything he does. If he makes an album that doesn chime with me, that doesn mean I not going to buy the next one. I buy the next one because I know he be doing something else. “We pretty much took their design and just reverse engineered it and improved upon it,” said Laura Winters, who headed up the fabrication effort. “Considering where we started from and what we got to, I think it worked very well. It was a very good collaborative effort.

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KERS is definitely a thing. They have parallel fibres in the ski that generate electricity (small amounts) when the ski flexes, and the Chip stores this energy. When the chip determines that the ski is becoming “unloaded”, as in, after you “step off” of the ski in the bottom third of the turn, it stiffens the fibres.

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